Global Wellness, Health, and Food Media

Better For You Media is a producer of “better for you” entertainment for today’s premium consumer. Our goal is to create innovative and engaging multi-platform content for savvy consumers  in the health and wellness marketplace.

Each of Better For You Media’s programs are designed to bridge the gap between technology and experience to create unique moments that inspire users to engage with their community and promote personal well-being.

As a global media network we simplify the process of bringing strategic partnerships with our specially chosen BFY brand partners into the hands and homes of discerning viewers.

What is BFY Media?

  • A media network focusing on global wellness, health, and food. 
  • A multi-channel programming with content such as aggregated industry news coverage and original productions. 
  • A media company designed for global-minded, social-conscious, forward-consumers. 
  • Data driven, in-depth, educational, and entertaining content. 

Who is the target audience?

  • Millennials+
  • Health Conscious
  • Brand Conscious
  • Active 
  • Tech Savvy
  • Global Minded
  • Environmentally Friendly

BFY Media Team: Who We Are

Peter Groverman

A Master Producer of Engaging Content

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman of Grovara LLC

Founder of BFY Media

Multiple Award Winning Entrepreneur Focused on Global Wellness, Health, and Food Products

Ian Shive

Award Winning Producer

10-Year Veteran of Marketing and Publicity at Sony Picture Entertainment’s Columbia Pictures, Pioneering Digital Publicity for the Spider-Man Franchise and 70 Other Major Motion Pictures

Conceptualized, Wrote, Produced and Hosts One Of The Most-Watched Digital Series’ on Discovery Channel Titled Nature in Focus