Former Co-Founder of global B2B online marketplace Grovara unveils network in collaboration
with Food Network and Nickelodeon Host/Producer

PHILADELPHIA, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Better for You (BFY) Media announces the launch of its global media network for food, health, and wellness, which aims to elevate consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands’ awareness and better connect them with investors and consumers. BFY’s founder is Peter Groverman Esq., co-founder of Grovara, the first global B2B online marketplace for export/import. He will remain Vice Chairman of Grovara’s Board of Directors and move from his Chief Innovation Officer role at Grovara to lead BFY Media as Executive Producer.

Marc Summers interviews GT Dave from GT's Living Foods in a scene from an episode of Behind the Wrapper.
Marc Summers interviews GT Dave from GT’s Living Foods in a scene from an episode of Behind the Wrapper.

BFY Media is raising a $5 million seed round and will generate revenue through sponsorship sales and subscription-based models for brands looking to expand their global footprint. BFY Media offers exclusive media placements and original multi-channel content highlighting brands’ performance, startup stories, the pursuit of international partnerships, and more.

“During my 12 years traveling the world with Grovara, I discovered the incredible, inspiring, and innovative stories behind many better-for-you brands. BFY Media is the perfect vehicle to promote this awareness. We have built a team of amazing storytellers, including some of the most talented minds in entrepreneurship, entertainment, and wellness,” says Groverman, who served as the Executive Producer for the animated short film “Would Have,” which won six awards in 2021, including Best Animated Short Film at the Sunscreen Film Festival.

BFY Media has several series already under production. It has partnered with The Next Unicorn Media Group, an impact-driven production company serving as Co-Executive producer for one of BFY’s “how-it’s-made series” called Behind the Wrapper

Behind the Wrapper takes viewers on an exclusive journey inside the making of America’s most influential wellness brands. The program is hosted by renowned TV host and producer Marc Summers and highlights the epic wins and extraordinary paths taken by some of the biggest names in the consumer packaged goods wellness industry. The first episode of Behind the Wrapper features GT’s Kombucha (watch trailer here), the number one kombucha brand in America.

“American better-for-you brands drive global wellness trends, and we have identified some of the most promising, which we will feature on Behind the Wrapper. Our episodic ‘Bourdain-like’ production will accelerate awareness in a big way,” says Summers, instantly recognizable from the Nickelodeon Double Dare game show and Food Network’s Unwrapped Restaurant Impossible.

Summers serves as Creative Advisor for BFY Media and sits on the Advisory Board, along with David Meltzer, Entrepreneur, speaker, author, and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment Agency (the firm on which the hit movie Jerry Maguire was based).

“We are building a global network for better-for-you brands that will be founded upon data, high-quality content, and empowering stories,” says Meltzer, who is leveraging his global network to maximize multiple strategic partnerships.

The global wellness industry is valued at more than $1.5 trillion and is expected to grow 5 to 10 percent annually. BFY Media is developing other shows piggybacking off of this booming industry, as well as docu-series, home-shopping segments, podcasts, interactive content, cooking shows, market insights, and news. The content will target audiences that are health-, brand- and socially conscious, positive-minded, tech-savvy, and physically active.

“So much content out there lacks depth,” says Groverman. “Our pledge at BFY Media is to create well-informed audiences and insatiable demand for our captivating programming.”

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