Better Content, Better Media

Better For You Media is dedicated to providing “better for you” entertainment across the global health and wellness marketplace. At BFY, we understand the importance of promoting personal well-being, while at the same time, never losing focus on striving to improve the health and well-being of our planet. Better For You Media seeks to create content that inspires users to improve the overall health of themselves, their communities, and their world.

One of the ways Better For You Media achieves these goals is by creating innovative and engaging multi-platform content. Whether it’s through a mobile app, a website, a television program or a social media platform, Better For You Media aims to bridge the gap between technology and experience. We strive to ensure that our content is easily accessible, while remaining entertaining, engaging, and always with an eye focused towards improving health and well-being.


Better For You Media’s productions and showcases are constantly evolving as new opportunities in the marketplace emerge. These are intended to cater to the widest audiences possible. The productions and showcases currently revolve around global wellness, live-shopping, cutting-edge metaverse immersion, and even, high-end art sales and collecting.

Behind The Wrapper

Behind the Wrapper takes viewers on an exclusive journey inside the making of America’s most influential wellness brands.  Come with us as we peel back the wrapper on these brands extraordinary challenges and epic wins… from idea to manufacturing line to finally, being enjoyed in homes and kitchens worldwide. 

BTW Logo

Mall of the Future

The Metaverse Mall of the Future is an immersive and interactive shopping experience, where customers engage with brands on a level never before seen in either the online or offline worlds.  No more burning fossil fuels or clogging freeways for a quick trip to the mall.  Now, the Mall of the Future is just one click away.


Product Search Live

Product Search Live is a live-shopping experience that takes you on a journey to discover the newest, most innovative better-for-you products from rising inventors and entrepreneurs across the globe.


Stretch Gallery

Stretch Gallery is a multi-disciplinary Fine Art Gallery.  At Stretch, the mission is to take the pre-existing model of high-end art sales and turn it on it’s head.  And while our artists may be international, in the digital landscape of the modern world, distances and borders are non-existent. To capture this opportunity, we have created a custom virtual space open to both artists and collectors alike.