One battle remains as Three Farm Daughters squares off with Big Tree Farms for a chance to be featured on new Behind the Wrapper television series w/ Food Network maestro Marc Summers

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Popular vegan brands Crafty Counter and Mind Blown Plant Based Seafood Co fought to a draw in the latest Battle of the Brands competition, in which better-for-you brands compete during two-minute audition trailers for the chance to be featured on the upcoming Behind the Wrapper TV show with Marc Summers.

Battle of the Brands concludes with a final showdown between Three Farm Daughters and Big Tree Farms.
Battle of the Brands concludes with a final showdown between Three Farm Daughters and Big Tree Farms.

Each week in Battle of the Brands, competing brands’ fanbases cast their votes for the chance to win a free year’s supply of their favorite snack brand. The brand that receives the most votes wins the right to appear in a season 1 episode of Behind the Wrapper, the how-it’s-made program from Summers, the beloved Nickelodeon and Food Network host/producer. 

Brands and consumers have one more chance to win big in this week’s Battle of the Brands, which pits better pasta  Three Farm Daughters against sweetener and sauce savior Big Tree Farms.

“Every vote counts, and not only can fans support their favorite brands, but they can also earn a chance to win a free year’s supply of that brands’ products at the same time,” says Summers. “Crafty Counter and Mind Blown are formidable opponents and proved just how difficult it is to emerge victorious in Battle of the Brands. What are the odds, like how could they actually receive the same-exact-amount of votes!?” 

Battle of the Brands matches beloved better-for-you products in the same “weight class” that are aligned by key characteristics like sales data, founding story, or social audience size. Brands blast the battle to their digital channels so their fans and followers can vote to help them lock down the potential investment, global distribution, and exposure that comes with appearing on Behind the Wrapper.

Production partners Better For You (BFY) Media and The Next Unicorn Media Group have cultivated strong engagement since launching the concept by organically building audience and awareness from the ground up with multi-channel success:

“The strength of our brands and their fan bases, combined with our approach to brand awareness and engagement has created an incredible opportunity for companies to elevate their profile and expand their footprint with fun, accessible, and interactive content,” says BFY Media Founder and Executive Producer Peter Groverman Esq.

The Behind the Wrapper team will be at Natural Products Expo East next month in Philadelphia auditioning new brands and will start production on Season 1 later this fall. Brands interested in connecting at Expo East or elsewhere can arrange a conversation with BFY Media here.

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